South Africa’s unrivaled traditional Gluhwein spices

Our famous traditional Gluhwein spices are probably the hottest thing in South Africa. Winter is the best occasion to indulge your senses in delicious Gluhwein, but there are always more moments to go ahead and take a sip or two. A delectable gulp can be achieved by only 5 minutes of preparation and 15 or so minutes of warming up. Twenty minutes of effort will give you a drink you will relish for a long time. It’s amazing how revived one can feel after a glass of warm, spicy red wine.

Traditional German Gluhwein Spices in cute bottles

A bit sweet and a bit sour, this centuries-old traditional German specialty certainly warms you up. Take a few sips of this hot brew and you get new energy to push on through the chilly African winter. Our recipe has been passed through the family for over 200 years and we still remember the smell of cinnamon during the German winter time when the family sat together. Since we immigrated to South Africa, we enjoyed a Gluhwein, made from our own spice mix, at many places.

Traditional German Gluhwein

The landscape outside was deeply snow-covered. Due to this remembrance, we started our venture in 2011. One little spice bottle or sachet contains all needed spices and the sugar to make Gluhwein from your favourite 750ml bottle of wine – as easy is this? The cute little bottles are hand-mixed and filled with organic spices under stringent conditions by German Master Chefs. From start, we only ensure the highest quality of ingredients.

In 2017, we invented the versatile Gluhwein Sachets

German Gluhwein Spices in Sachets

Have a quick winter warmer made with traditional Gluhwein spices

Prepare your Gluhwein fast and easy from any of your favourite medium sweet red wine. Without a doubt, even in spring or autumn evenings can be cold in South Africa. Have a sip while having friends over for a braai? Above all, it takes only a few minutes to prepare the Gluhwein. When you go on a camping trip, rather have a gluhwein in the evening than a brandy. Or both…..

German Gluhwein Spices in Sachets

Likewise, as a reseller, the spices will be a bestseller on your shop till. Order the spices in sachets and you will get a stand to keep presentation space as small as possible. Another option is to run a special offer. Combine a bottle of wine and a sachet hung over the bottleneck.

Spices are  packed in cute little bottles or in the versatile sachets. Good to know: we deliver free of charge in the Cape Town area. We deliver by courier all over South Africa, additional fees apply.

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