The famous German Gluhwein Spice Sachets

What can be better than to share your winter tales with your friends and family as you enjoy your Gluhwein and sing and dance? But, while you might not find yourself in Germany or at an Winter Wonderland Event anytime soon, theΒ German Gluhwein Spice Sachets are a great way you can bring the warm cheer into your home. Truthfully, making homemade gluhwein with our spices is really absolutely simple. There’s not much more than to mix a 750 ml bottle of red wine, a bit of Orange juice (250ml, ca. two or three freshly squeezed oranges, if available) and the Gluhwein spice mixture in a saucepan, and to slowly heat them up together. That’s it!

Traditional German Gluhwein Spices in sachets

A popular, authentic winter warmer

The next time your friends come over for a winter braai, pull one (or more) of these versatile sachets open. Once it’s hot, reduce the heat of your stove to the lowest possible simmer. NEVER BOIL. Bringing your gluhwein to a boil will evaporate the alcohol and will invariably remove some of the warmings.

Gluhwein Cup and ingredients

Gluhwein is that wine that will make a place in your heart for a long time to come. You do not need to go to Germany when you want to enjoy this delicacy of a winter wine. The spices are now just a click away. What’s even more exciting, our sachets are undoubtedly environmentally friendly. And they also make a great combination as a perfect gift for friends. Choose a good bottle of red wine and just hang the sachet over the bottleneck. Souvenir – done!

German Gluhwein Spices in Sachets

Do you want to sell the German Gluhwein spice sachets in your shop? With your first order of the sachets, you will receive a free stand to present them right at your shop’s till without using precious space.

Spices are packed in cute little bottles or in the versatile sachets. Good to know: we deliver free of charge in the Cape Town area. We deliver by courier all over South Africa, additional fees apply.

Gluhwein and Cheese on a board - German Gluhwein Spice Sachets

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