Cold White Gluhwein

A hot red or a cold white Gluhwein?

When you host a party, you really want to go for the “Wow” factor with all your food, decor, and definitely with your drinks. German Gluhwein brings the “Wow” without a lot of work, specially the cold white Gluhwein. The word “Gluhwein” literally translates to “glow-wine” because when you drink it on a cold night, it fills you with a warm glow. Also, in the earlier days, the wine was heated up with a glowing hot iron. The iron was heated up in fire and then held into the wine until it was hot enough.

Gluhwein composition red hot or cold white Gluhwein

For our 21. century Gluhwein, mix spices and a bottle of 750 ml red wine in a pot. Add a cup of orange juice or some fresh orange slices. Carefully heat up this mix, strain and serve.  How easy is this? While you can make the hot Gluhwein “Ad Hoc”, the Cold Brewed White Gluhwein needs to mature a few days. If you’ve never made Gluhwein before, let me assure you — it couldn’t be easier.

2 Cups with cold white Gluhwein

Simply combine some white wine (don’t use a cheap wine, that will give you a headache) and the Cold Brew spice mix in the wine bottle. Leave it to mature a few days. On the day you need the beverage, mix it with some summer fruits (oranges, pomegranate, cranberries, etc.) in a large bowl. Let the flavors meld together until you’re ready to serve.

Serve in cold glasses. That’s it! Easy?

Make sure you use a bottle of wine that you would be happy to drink with your dinner (the same goes for the wine you put in gravy by the way). If you use a sour cheap wine, you need to add more sugar and the more sugar you add, the more likely its that you get a blasting headache…..

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