New beginnings and a new chef at German Gluhwein Specialities

South African chef Steff Hoefnagels takes German Gluhwein Specialities over. After what seems like a very deep hibernation, German Gluhwein Specialities slowly emerges towards “life as we knew it before”. YES, we are still alive and thriving! Icy cold weather had us dreaming about cosying up with a mug of traditional German Gluhwein. Here we are for you.

An Exciting Change

The company is now under South African Chef Steff (and his family, the Hoefnagels). The Hoefnagels family is looking forward to upholding the quality of this special and unique product introduced by Fred in South Africa in 2011. We wish Fred well as he retires, also spreading his wings to pursue other interests. Following his lead, perfecting the spice mix as only master chefs can do, we are determined to keep this delicious product readily available to you.

South African Chef STeff Hoefnagels takes German Gluhwein Specialities over

With the chilly winter weather approaching very fast, what could be better than a comforting and uplifting steaming mug of Gluhwein? During winter, especially when organizing family outings or holiday gatherings, a mulled wine is THE go-to. Not only is the hot spiced wine straightforward to make with our spices, but the outcome of the drink always tastes far more complex than the effort that went into making it.

South African Steff Hoefnagels takes German Gluhwein Specialities over

An aspirational South African chef with Dutch roots

Arriving at his passion for creating modern, beautiful, delicious food, Steff took the scenic route. This included extensive worldwide travel, including looking after rescued tigers in Thailand, au-pairing in the Netherlands and lecturing in China. After qualifying as a professional chef, the combination of his love for food and travel have formed the basis of an exciting food career. Steff has been involved in the food industry on many levels, including being a private chef for high profile clients, working side by side with celebrity chefs, designing menus for restaurants and spending many hours in kitchens worldwide. His food journey continues daily, where he lives out his passion in whatever kitchen crosses his path.

We would love to connect with you.

Perhaps you are happy to contact us or call us to let us know how to assist by bringing you the gluhwein spices. And feel free to let us know if you have any queries about us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards and a warm Gluhwein Glow! Steff and Team German Gluhwein Specialities

German Gluhwein Specialities Hoefnagels Family

You can order German Gluhwein Spices in various options

Traditional German Gluhwein Winter Spices in cute little bottles
Cold Brew Summer Spices in cute little bottles
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Our products are sold in over 220 shops in the Western Cape and South Africa

How German Gluhwein Specialities started

German Gluhwein Specialities started in the Western Cape in 2011 by Fred Diehl, a German Master Chef. He immigrated to South Africa in 2008. While he enjoyed living in the country very much, he soon found out that no Gluhwein spices were available. Since 2011, German Gluhwein Specialities produces traditional German Gluhwein Spices. From the beginning, he filled the traditional Gluhwein Spices into cute little bottles. He added the Cold Brew Summer Spices to our range in 2017. Please have a look at our online shop!

South African Steff Hoefnagels takes German Gluhwein Specialities over

Fred is the previous owner of German Gluhwein Specialities. He lives in Gordon’s Bay in the Western Cape.

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