Present Box 4 x traditional german Gluhwein Spices - Christmas 2018


There is one drink during the Christmas season that Germans treasure: And that is German Gluhwein. Each present box is filled with 4 traditional Hot Gluhwein Spices. Each little bottle makes 4 cups of Gluhwein. The Winter mix is made from a few essential spices, mix spices with your favourite medium sweet/sweet red wine. Order our Special Gluhwein Offer!

German Gluhwein Christmas Presents - A SPECIAL GLUHWEIN OFFER

Carefully heat it up, once mix has reached the temperature of a tea, you can strain and serve your original German Gluhwein. Don’t let this boil… keep it on low heat on the stovetop, or use a slow cooker to prepare and to set warm. A hot and spiced Gluhwein is a great beverage to offer your guests. It will surely warm their insides when the weather is cold outside!

4 cups with Gluhwein star anise - German Gluhwein Christmas Presents - A SPECIAL GLUHWEIN OFFER

Serve this at a June-July holiday gathering, or make some up for yourself and maybe even a special someone. If you visit Germany around the holidays, everyone knows that you MUST go to at least one Gluhwein at the yearly Weihnachtsmarkt. For an ICE COLD South African experience at Christmas, try our Cold Brew spice.

4 traditional German Winter Gluhwein Spices in a present box

We don’t leave you alone, you get every information on how to make your hot Gluhwein from the Winter Gluhwein Spices. Winter is the best occasion to indulge your senses in delicious Gluhwein, but there are always more moments to go ahead and take a sip or two. Without a doubt, even in spring or autumn evenings can be cold in South Africa. Have a sip while having friends over for a braai? Just start, everybody has a bottle of red wine somewhere at home!

German Gluhwein Christmas Presents - A SPECIAL GLUHWEIN OFFER

We ship with a courier service all over South Africa, delivery takes ca. 2 working days. Delivery in the wider Cape Town area is free of charge, depending on our schedule.

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A SPECIAL GLUHWEIN OFFER: 3 Present Boxes with each 4 Traditional Hot Gluhwein Spices
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