10 bottles Gluhwein and Cold Brew Spice Mix


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Use one bottle of spices per bottle of wine

Our mixed Gluhwein present box is filled with 5 traditional Gluhwein Spice Mix and 5 summer Cold Brew Spice Mix bottles. Each little bottle makes 4 cups of Gluhwein. Spice mixes are made from a few essential high-quality grade spices; you only need to mix them with your favourite wine. The content of each little bottle combines with one 750ml bottle of wine.

Mixed Gluhwein Present Boxes

Make hot traditional German Winter Gluhwein

In a saucepan, mix the content of one little bottle with your favourite medium sweet to sweet red wine. Carefully heat the mixture, once the mix has reached the temperature of a tea, you can strain and serve your original German Gluhwein. Did you know that you can make a hot Gluhwein also from white or rosé wine? Recipe variations are endless.

Mixed Gluhwein Present Box - 2 glasses with hot Gluhwein

Make Cold Brew Summer Gluhwein

The summer Gluhwein is even easier to prepare than the traditional Gluhwein. Mix the content of one little bottle with one bottle of white or rosé wine, leave it in the fridge to mature for a day or two, shake it every day. Strain the mix, if desired. Add some juice, add summer fruits like strawberries, cherries, raspberries and thin orange slices, if you have. Serve drink on lots of ice. That’s it!

You can even use the Cold Brew Spice with sparkling wine or with juice. To use with sparkling wine, let it mature for some days in a bit of rose or white wine. Strain it and add the wine mix to the sparkling wine. With your order, you also receive an info sheet on how to make your mix from the Winter Gluhwein Spices. Winter is the best occasion to indulge your senses in delicious Gluhwein, but there are always more moments to go ahead and take a sip or two. Without a doubt, even in spring or autumn evenings can be cold in South Africa. Sip while having friends over for a braai? Just start, everybody has a bottle of red wine somewhere at home!

Mixed Gluhwein Present Box -Cold Brew Gluhwein

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10 bottles Gluhwein and Cold Brew Spice Mix

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