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Use 50ml scoop of spices per bottle of wine

Enough for 10 bottles of wine


It’s now time for you to explore this German winter tradition, winter is approaching fast!

  • Fill a pot with one bottle of sweet or medium sweet red wine
  • Add one 50ml scoop of Gluhwein Spice Mix
  • Stir gently, add a bit of orange juice, if desired
  • Carefully warm up the mix, do not bring to a boil
  • Once your Gluhwein is nice and warm (not boiling), remove from heat and enjoy!
Keep leftovers, if any, in the fridge. YES, you can make Gluhwein with 10 bottles of wine with this jar!

German Gluhwein, this popular, authentic winter warmer is the traditional German Christmas drink. For instance, it’s not only sold on every market during Germany’s winter but also prepared at home.

Choosing the right type of wine to use is the first consideration for your German Gluhwein. The best is to use medium sweet to sweet wines that don’t have a strong flavour profile. Wines with a firm tannic or acidic profile will overpower the other contributing flavours and will bring out an unpleasant taste. Use a moderately flavoured red wine you would also drink at your dinner.

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Gift jar Gluhwein Spice Mix

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