4 Famous German Gluhwein Spices


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Present box with 4 famous German Gluhwein Spices

Our present box is filled with 4 famous German Winter Gluhwein Spices. Each little bottle makes 4 cups of Gluhwein. This undoubtedly perfect for winter mix is made from a few essential spices. They smoothly mix with your favourite medium, sweet/sweet red wine. Carefully heat the Gluhwein. Once the mixture has reached the temperature of a tea, you can strain and serve your original German Gluhwein. Did you know that you can make the Gluhwein also from white or rosé wine? Recipe variations are endless. Especially to note – don’t let it boil… keep it on low heat on the stovetop, or use a slow cooker to prepare and to set warm.

Famous German Gluhwein Spices - Box of 4 Hot Gluhwein

Serve this at a holiday gathering, or make some up for yourself and maybe even a special someone. It’s perfect for those nights by the fire, wrapping presents and enjoying the Spirit of the Holidays. It tastes like heaven and makes the house surely smell yummy and Christmassy.

4 cups with Gluhwein star anise - made with Winter Gluhwein Spices

We ship with courier all over South Africa; delivery takes +- 2 working days. The courier service costs T 99.

Each order comes with detailed instructions. Contact us HERE with any question.

4 Famous German Gluhwein Spices   4 Famous German Gluhwein Spices

4 Famous German Gluhwein Spices   4 Famous German Gluhwein Spices

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4 Famous German Gluhwein Spices

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