4 bottles Cold Brew Spice Mix


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Use one bottle of spices per bottle of wine

Something different: Cold Brew Summer Gluhwein Spices Our present box is filled with 4 Summer Gluhwein Spices. The Cold Brew mix is made from a few essential spices; you can add spirits, mix it with a light rosé, white or even red wine and add some orange slices, if desired and then spice up our afternoon or evening. Each little bottle makes 4 cups of Cold Brew Summer drink. Maybe you would like to add some Gluhwein Cups?

Christmas German Gluhwein Spices - Cold Brew Summer Gluhwein Spices

The ready-mix does taste similar to the Spanish Sangria and the French Pastis or Pernod. Therefore, the drink lives from its fruity taste coming along with the star-anise spice. Serve it on lots of ice. Use the infused orange slices for a lekker desert-like Crepes Suzette or eat them as they are. Recipe variations are endless when using the Cold Brew Summer Gluhwein Spices.

Straweberry Mint Cold Brew Summer Gluhwein Spices

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4 bottles Cold Brew Spice Mix