Prepare Traditional German Gluhwein

Choosing the right type of wine to use is the first consideration for your Gluhwein. The best is to use medium sweet to sweet wines that don’t have a strong flavor profile. Wines with a strong tannic or acidic profile will overpower the other contributing flavors and will actually bring out a fairly unpleasant taste. Don’t fall for suggestions to use an inexpensive (e.g. cheap) wine. A cheap wine is more likely to give you a headache. Use a moderately flavored red wine you would also drink at your dinner.

Otherwise, German Gluhwein is easy to prepare with our spice mix. Combine 0,75 l of light red wine with the content of one little spice bottle or a sachet in a saucepan. Add 250 ml of orange juice, if you like it a bit sweet and sour. Never add water. You may add slices of oranges or lemons, it’s up to you. Heat the mixture slowly up to 60° – 65°, never boil the mix. The right temperature is the same that a good tea would have. Strain the Gluhwein, if desired. That’s it. Serve hot and enjoy.

How to prepare Gluhwein

Prepare Cold Brew Summer Gluhwein

Our summer Gluhwein is even easier to prepare. Mix the content of one little bottle or sachet with one bottle of white or rosé wine, leave it in the fridge to mature for a day or two, shake it every day. Strain the mix, if desired. Add some juice, summer fruits, orange slices, cherries, raspberries. Serve it on lots of ice. That’s it! Read more about our cool Cold Brew Summer Spice

How to prepare Gluhwein

General tips on how to prepare hot and cold summer Gluhwein

Don’t use a cheap wine, as often proposed in recipes. Use a wine of the same quality, that you would enjoy drinking at a good meal. The reason for many headaches after some cups of Gluhwein is that people use the cheapest wine and add plenty of sugar. Use a medium sweet to sweet wine, not a bone dry one. The less sugar you add, the fewer problems you have the next morning.

Cold BRew Summer Spices

Keep leftovers (if you have any) in the fridge for some time. Reheat the mix carefully in your microwave. Again, make sure you don’t boil it.

Traditional Hot German Gluhwein Spices

Always remember that the Gluhwein contains quite some alcohol if you have prepared it correctly. Don’t drink and drive.

Don't drink and drive

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