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Best of both Gluhwein Worlds – the perfect present and it even comes with a 13% discount!

This big heart comes with a small heart and 2 bottles with Gluhwein spices. A present combining the best of both Gluhwein worlds – summer and winter Gluhwein spices. For the Cold Brew summer mix, best to use is either a (750ml) medium sweet white, rosé or red wine or a bottle of sparkling rose.

Mixed Gluhwein Heart with Discount in our Gluhwein Online Shop

Traditional German Gluhwein Spices Hearts in a Heart

Our hearts in a heart are all-time favourites when it comes to great presents. Specifically, if you look for a not-that usual-present. Traditional Gluhwein spices are used to make a traditional German Gluhwein to warm your guest’s hearts. Re-use the hearts responsibly, they are great things to play with.


Cold Brew Summer Spice – Big heart with 3 little hearts

Our Cold Brew Summer spice make a great fruity wine drink to cool you down in the hottest summer. Each little heart makes 4 portions of ICE COLD Summer Gluhwein. The Cold Brew Summer Spice is a first in South Africa. Made from a few essential spices, you can add spirits, mix it with a light rosé, white or even red wine.  Add some orange slices, if desired and then spice up our afternoon or evening. South Africa’s most enjoyable Gluhwein is easy to make, instructions are found inside this big heart. Above all the great taste, this drink is easy to prepare, mix the content with one bottle of wine. Wait a few days. That’s it!

Big heart with 3 hearts filled with traditional Gluhwein spice mix

Could we get your attention? We also sell Gluhwein mugs, they are collector’s items and different every year. Particularly, if you want to buy just a few spices for your next birthday, have a look at our GLUHWEIN ONLINE SHOP! If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact us here. Our Traditional Gluhwein and Cold Brew Gluhwein spices are available in our cute little bottles.

Gluhwein Christmas present - GLUHWEIN ONLINE SHOP

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