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Mulled wine in other countries – Czechoslovakia

During the cold season, Czech Mulled wine (Svarak) is popular in most wineries, bars and even on the street, at special events organised at Christmas markets. Wineries are becoming more and more popular in Prague and one can nowadays see them more often even in the centre of the city.

Czech Mulled Wine - Gluhwein in other countries

When the weather turns cold in Europe, people are still out enjoying the outdoors. In Czechoslovakia, there is only one way of warming up, its a mulled wine or Gluhwein called Svarak. Svarak is the Czech name for mulled wine. Mulled means heated and spiced. Mulled wine is a hot drink made from red wine, some citrus fruit, sugar and spices.

Czech Mulled Wine - Gluhwein in other countries

In Czechoslovakia, it is sometimes additionally spiked with vodka or rum. Svarak is a popular warm drink during the cold weather months in the Czech Republic. Like it is in many other European countries. The recipes for Svarak or Czech Mulled Wine vary greatly depending on the region. Most recipes you will find suggest you use cheap red wine. Don’t do that.

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Czech Mulled Wine – Gluhwein in other countries
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