Our Gingerbread relationship began over a decade ago when we first came to South Africa. With time going on, we discovered many different tastes of gingerbread and fell in love with it. Mainly because it is the perfect companion to the traditional German Gluhwein as well to the Ice-Cold Summer Gluhwein Brew. And with both, hot and cold Gluhwein options available all year long, our Gingerbread is an all-time favourite.

With our European heritage, our Gingerbread is delicious and crumbly.

Gingerbread Mix

We manufacture local in the Helderberg

None of them is the same. They are lovingly handcrafted and, when iced, hand-iced with royal icing. We only use high-quality ingredients from local suppliers and do not add any preservatives during the dough making and baking process. Making sure that each one has just the right consistency, flavour and texture, ee process in small batches. Their delicious crumbly texture is unlike any gingerbread you’ve ever tasted before. Order the Jar of 40 Gingerbread Minis or the 15 Gingerbread Minis.

Gingerbread Minis and Hearts

Our Gingerbread is packed plastic-free, the Ginger woman, men, and minis come either in glass jars or in brown paper bags

Looking for a lot of delicious cookies with THAT taste of ginger and cinnamon?  Try our ” jar of 40″ ginger minis. Perfect for gatherings or just for you. Of course, made from scratch with only natural ingredients, you will love these delicious little people (50 mm each).  They come in a 1-litre jar with a ribbon.  Order yours today!

We process biscuits in small batches, making sure that each one has just the right consistency, flavour and texture. The main spices are ginger and cinnamon.

Gingerbread People

We courier throughout South Africa and do our best to ensure that your gingerbread gets to you in one piece. Once it leaves our premises, we have no control on that package. Therefore we do not offer refunds or replacements. Gingerbread is a handmade biscuit product and is fragile.

Could we get your attention? We also sell Gluhwein cups; they are collector’s items and different every year. Have a look at our online shop! If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact us here. Our Traditional Gluhwein and Cold Brew Gluhwein spices are available in our cute little bottles.

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