This is the story of our Cold Brew Spice Mix. We had the idea for a complimentary summer gluhwein spice when we tasted a traditional French Vin d’orange.

The Famous Cold Brew Gluhwein Spices

We were on holiday in the Provence region in France, where the Herbes de Provence with their all bestriding lavender leaves dips the landscape into violet shapes. Where the locals sip at their Pastis or Ricard in the evening, chatting with their friends in cafes nestled into narrow-laned villages along the rolling hillsides.

When we came back from France, we started testing. And finally, with a bit of creativity, adding a bit more star-anise and more orange peel, reducing the amount of cinnamon, we created a spice mix which tastes similar to the traditional Vin du Paradis.

Cold Brew Gluhwein Spice Mix

Eh voila, our Cold Brew Gluhwein Spice Mix is now available in South Africa. Made from a few essential spices, you can add spirits, mix it with a light rosΓ©, white or even red wine and add some orange slices, if desired and then spice up our afternoon or evening.

What about the taste of ourΒ Cold Brew Spice Mix?

It tastes similar to the Spanish Sangria and the French Pastis or Pernod. Therefore, the drink lives from its fruity taste coming along with the star-anise spice. Serve it on lots of ice. Use the infused orange slices for a lekker desert like Crepes Suzette or just eat them as they are. Recipe variations are endless. Why not serve the mix like a punch in a big bowl and add some sparkling wine? Also, why not add some spirits?

German Cold Brew Spice Mix Gluhwein Sachets

Summer season is coming into full swing right NOW! Our Cold Brew Spices are available in our cute little bottles or in the versatile sachets.Β Important to know: Delivery in the Cape Town area is free of charge.Β We deliver by courier all over South Africa, additional fees apply.

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