April 1st Newsletter - German Gluhwein Specialities for WHOLESALERS

Grab our April 1. Discount voucher – That’s not an April fool’s joke – only valid for 7 days

Have you seen our brand new Wholesale Order Page? It took us some time to make sure that your orders are well received and smoothly delivered, but now its all up and running! Enter April1 on the order form to get 7% discount on any wholesale order from today until Sunday 7th April.

April 1st Newsletter - German Gluhwein Specialities for WHOLESALERS

A bit sweet and a bit sour, this centuries-old traditional German speciality certainly warms you up. Take a few sips of this hot brew and you get new energy to push on through the chilly African weather. Our recipe has been passed through the family for over 200 years and we still remember the smell of cinnamon during the German winter time when the family sat together. A must have in the cold South Africa Winter! Start with your order right HERE!

Gluhwein Spices on Tray of 42

It tastes similar to the Spanish Sangria and the French Pastis or Pernod. This drink lives from its fruity taste coming along with the star-anise spice.
It is served on lots of ice. Recipe variations are endless. Why not serve the mix like a punch in a big bowl and add some sparkling wine? Whenever we talk to customers, they tell us they love the summer spice. Start with your order!

Our spices still cost from R 14 per little bottle. We did not increase our prices since 2017! Order directly from our website or download our Offline Order Form. Each order comes with plenty of marketing material, flyers and tasters for you.

Traditional German Gluhwein Spices on Tray of 84
Tray with 84 little bottles with traditional German Gluhwein spices R1,176.00

German Gluhwein Spices Wholesale
Tray with 84 bottles with Cold Brew Summer spice R1,176.00  

Did you see our mixed tray?
Cold Brew and traditional Gluhwein Spices

Mixed tray with 84 little bottles R1,176.00

Don’t forget to enter April 1 on the order form to get 7% discount on any order from today until Sunday 7th April. You can also download the form HERE.

German Gluhwein Specialities shop sticker 10x10

Could we get your attention? We also sell Gluhwein cups, they are collector’s items and different every year. Particularly, if you want to buy just a few spices for your next birthday, have a look at our online shop! If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact us here. Our Traditional Gluhwein and Cold Brew Gluhwein spices are available in our cute little bottles.

Good to know: we deliver free of charge in the Cape Town area. We deliver by courier all over South Africa, additional fees apply.

Get in contact with us – Call +27 79 549 58 55 – Send an EMAIL

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April 1st Newsletter – German Gluhwein Specialities for WHOLESALERS
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