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German Gluhwein Specialities started in the Western Cape in 2010 by a team of 2 German Master Chefs that immigrated 2008 into South Africa. While we enjoyed living in the country very much, we soon found out, there were no German Gluhwein Spices available. Since 2011, we produce traditional German Gluhwein Spices. From the beginning, we filled the traditional Gluhwein Spices into cute little bottles. We added the Cold Brew Summer Spices to our range in 2017. Furthermore, in 2017 we added another form of packaging to the assortment, the versatile and more environmentally friendly sachets.

You can now order German Gluhwein Spices in various options:

Traditional German Gluhwein Winter Spices in cute little bottles
Traditional German Gluhwein Winter Spices in versatile sachets
Cold Brew Summer Spices in cute little bottles
Cold Brew Summer Spices in versatile sachets

We sell our products in over 200 shops in the Western Cape and South Africa.
An online shop is coming soon!

Fred Diehl

Fred is the owner of German Gluhwein Specialities. He is based in Gordon’s Bay in the Western Cape, he delivers in the wider Cape Town area Call Fred – 079 549 58 55

About German Gluhwein Specialities

Azelda Munn

Azelda joined the team in May 2018. She is our general agent for Centurion.
She is based in Celtisdal, CenturionCall Azelda – 071 558 90 52

About German Gluhwein Specialities


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