Traditional German Gluhwein

Hot Traditional German Gluhwein

Traditional German Gluhwein is very similar to British Mulled Wine, spiced red wine, served hot, after centuries-old recipes. Wine was first recorded as spiced and heated up in the First Century in Rome. From there the mulled wine developed over Europe. The Romans travelled around, conquering much of Europa.  They traded and spread this popular drink all over the countries. Christmas markets in Europe are often called Christkindl Market (Christkindl means a Christmas newborn). Gluhwein is still today is produced according to our old-world tradition. Gluhwein is served during the advent season, i.e. the four to five weeks before Christmas and also after Christmas into January.

People enjoying hot German Gluhwein at Winter Wonderland

Europeans prepare traditional Gluhwein usually from red wine, for instance, a merlot. One heats the wine carefully up and spices it with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise and aniseed, citrus, sugar and sometimes vanilla pods. People drink it sometimes mit Schuss (with a shot), with rum or some other liquor added. Fruit wines are occasionally added in some parts of Germany. There exists also a variation of white Gluhwein in the French Alsace area and in parts of Switzerland.

What exactly is Traditional German Gluhwein?


The German word for Gluhwein is Glühwein, glühen translates to glow, simply because the Gluhwein makes your cheeks glowing.

Traditional German Gluhwein roots deeply rooted in German culture. Gluhwein is well known all over Germany, France, Italy and now makes its way through South Africa.  Prepare it with wine, but also as a non-alcoholic version with apple, grape or red berry juices. Our recipe is passed in the family for more than 200 years. With our Gluhwein Spices, so that you will get a perfect and easy to make hot or cold GLUHWEIN – your favourite drink in winter and even in summer.

Cold Brew Summer Gluhwein Spice

In Europe, December is cold and snowy when people drink hot German gluhwein. We took it upside down! In 2017 we introduced worlds first Cold Brew Gluhwein version. We developed this – in the truest sense of the word – cool – premix to use it in our hot summer. These spices come traditionally as well in our cute little glass bottles.

Cold Brew Sumer Gluhwein mixed with lemons

Why are our gluhwein spices so popular?

We made it VERY easy for you. Mix the content of one little bottle with one bottle of wine. Our spices and the Gluhwein you serve will be the highlight of your next party. It contains for sure all the necessary spices to make your Gluhwein at home. If you are a reseller or wholesaler, they are certainly a bestseller on your till. Become a reseller!

Traditional German Gluhwein roots deep in the German culture

All over Germany, France, Italy, everybody knows it and now Gluhwein makes its way through South Africa. Prepare Gluhwein not only from wine.  Serve it as a non-alcoholic version with apple, grape or red berry juices. With our Gluhwein Spices, so that you will get a perfect and easy to make GLUHWEIN – your favourite drink in winter and in summer. Contact us here!

German Gluhwein Cups

Could we get your attention? We also sell Gluhwein cups, they are collector’s items and different every year. Particularly, if you want to buy just a few spices for your next birthday, have a look at our online shop! If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact us here. Our Traditional Gluhwein and Cold Brew Gluhwein spices are available in our cute little bottles.

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